Sunday’s weekend ka war highlights:

– Priyank is out of the show as of now because of pushing Akash
 When Akash fighting with Vikas on friday night. Big boss called Priyank into the confession room, and asked Priyank to leave the bigg boss house. But defintely because of the cuteness of Priyank and fan following, he is going to return back to the Bigg Boss show or house (because Bigg Boss contestants all will get fair chance to play). 

–  Zubair khan was eliminated from the show because of less votes
Before the show starts some time back Zubair was hospitalized because of unwell and later at the end of the show Salman khan announced Zubair khan was eliminated. 

– Shilpa, Aarshi, Jyothi and Bandgi were in safe zone for the first week. 
Salman khan given suggestion to Jyothi to learn ethics of the human saying sorry, thanks, please, may I etc.,  Hope everything goes with this commoner girl Jyothi. 

– Salman ka akhade, there was a fight between Sapna and Aarshi 
Both played 3 rounds of fights, finally Sapna won from the 3 rounds and become winner and gets a medal from Salman Khan. 

– Aarshi and Hina and other housemates took a step towards friendship
Aarshi and Hina took a step towards friendship and Aarshi said I don’t make any indecent fights because Shilpa is not supporting any more, saying that Aarshi has fights with other housemates because of Shilpa Shinde?

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