Heena, Arshi and Puneesh played a task catching hen. Heena is going to catch 4 hens in 4.30 mins, the time set by Padosis and Puneesh and Arshi are helping Heena to catch the hens. Heena done the task successfully within 4.30 mins.

Vikas, Hiten and Shipla played a task identifying an animal which is on the table by blind folding. Padosis set only 11 seconds to the task. Shilpa failed to identify the animal (rats) inside the box. Vikas and Hiten identified successfully.

Jyothi, Priyank and Sapna played a task of teaching names of contestants to parrot, padosis set a time less than a minute to identify, three of them played a task but failed to teach the names to parrots.

Padosis playing tasks from padosi house.

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